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Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This week I was sick at home for 4 days and I was really craving a refreshing, cool smoothie bowl. A mix of a month full of hard (heart) work and some family issues really got me down. I probably could have gone back to work on Thursday, but I felt it was really important […]

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peanut butter protein pancakes without toppings

4-Ingredient EASY Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

Cheers to the weekend! No hangovers here, but these protein pancakes can be your hangover cure if you’re feeling it this morning. First, let’s be real, peanut butter anything tastes delicious! So when I combined peanut butter with this easiest recipe for protein pancakes – jackpot! Yes, I did go through a phase in my […]

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berry protein smoothie bowl

Post-Workout Protein Smoothie Bowl (you get to eat with a spoon!)

Yesterday I finished my 60-minute spinning class and Runtastic Results workout and, as usual, I was completely starving. I was really in the mood for something refreshing like a protein smoothie, but I wanted to actually eat something with a spoon. Thus the Post-Workout Protein Smoothie Bowl was born. Nah, I know I am not […]

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a picture of vegan muffins in muffin tin

Banana Chia Vegan Muffins

Even if you are not vegan, you are 100% going to enjoy this delicious recipe. Mmmm, they’re so good but SO healthy. You could literally eat them everyday if you wanted to. Enjoy 1-2 as a snack any day of the week. And, share them with your friends and co-workers. They will be surprised to […]

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