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pic of me doing a tuck jump

Butt-Lifting, Fat-Burning Stair Workout

It’s always great when I have the opportunity to train with another trainer. Of course I am fully capable of kicking my own butt in a workout – but, just like anyone, I need that extra push every now and then. So today I went to a stair workout that my friend Viktoria was teaching. […]

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renegade row with weights

At Home Workout: HIIT with Weights (Hello, Beast Mode!)

There’s really nothing like HIIT for burning fat! It gets my heart pumping, makes me extra sweaty and I can do it from home in a short amount of time. Last weekend I wasn’t staying at my house and I had initially planned to go to the gym that’s 5 minutes from where I was […]

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4 Tips to Stay Fit on Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you know I was just on an awesome 9 day vacation with my grandparents. They came from the USA to visit me in Austria and I had the pleasure of showing them around Austria and the Czech Republic. I love vacation, I love traveling and I love […]

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Advanced Upper Body & Abs Workout Routine

Whether you are advanced in your fitness or looking for some new exercises to incorporate into your upper body & abs workout routine, you really should check this out. I am always making up new exercises (and exercise combinations) and pushing myself to new limits. Plus, I have been making note of my workouts and […]

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Ain’t nobody got time for flab: FAT BURNING HIIT WORKOUT

Honestly, I really like being in the gym. I like the atmosphere and I really like to workout. But, I got a lot of stuff to do (as I am sure you do as well) and sometimes I just need a quick workout fat-burning HIIT workout that is going to jack my heart rate up, get me […]

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5 Quick At Home Workouts

Just because you may have made a New Year’s resolution to workout 3x per week, doesn’t mean your schedule all of a sudden becomes more open to fit in hour long workouts. I know it can be hard to manage to get to the gym, so I have some really great at home workouts you can do […]

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Fat Burning HIIT Workout (Total Body)

A lot of people ask me what type of workouts I do, how many days a week, etc. I usually aim for 2-3 days of strength training and 2-3 days of total body HIIT training. I workout 6 days a week, but I definitely listen to my body. I very, very rarely do the same […]

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Circuit Training in 20 minutes OR LESS

Circuit training is a fun, time efficient and effective way to workout. Circuit training is when you perform one exercise after the next with minimal rest in between, until all exercises are performed. I always suggest you aim for 3-5 rounds of your circuit to get a complete and effective workout. You can perform a […]

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Tabata Training: 4-minute HIIT

Interval training is absolutely amazing because it is very time efficient and your body will continue to burn calories even after you are done working out because your body is not in that steady state.

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