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8 Half-Marathon Training Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

This year, 2018, has been the year of the half marathon. I decided last year to run the Vienna City Half Marathon on April 22, 2018 (Earth Day!) and my speed and endurance training plan has been going on since the year started. This will be my4th half marathon and at the end of EVERY […]

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My Fat Loss Solution: How I Lost 7lbs of Toxic Bloat

It’s crazy to think where I was this time last year. I was just about at my wits end with birth control and the complete grasp it had on my entire life. You might have read my complete, in-depth story about how I repaired horrible hormone damage from taking birth control for over 11 years, […]

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running first sprint triathlon

9 Things I Learned About Myself From Doing a Triathlon

I completed my very first sprint triathlon yesterday. It was a really interesting experience and I can say that I am really proud of my performance. I really had absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into when doing a triathlon, but decided, of course, to go for it anyway. For my training […]

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7 Tools to Help You Stick to Your Health & Fitness Routine

We all have the BEST of intentions when starting out a work out plan or healthy way of living. We’re excited and motivated and can visualize the outcome. But what happens when that all goes away? What happens on those days when you’re just not feeling it or something else comes up? Here’s the way […]

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Why Having a Morning Ritual is SO Important

One of the most important things I’ve been working on over the last year is my morning ritual. My “me” time first thing and working towards solidifying habits that get me started and energized in the morning. It is really the most vital component to a successful, productive and positive day. If I wake up […]

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Rest Days & Taking a Break from Training

I wanted to write this posting because this is something I am going through right now. I know I am constantly posting about my workouts and “go, go, go!” all of the time, but the past 9 days have been a bit different. I challenge myself a lot and train really, really hard but one […]

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9 Motivational Quotes to Boost Your Workout & Your Life

Your alarm goes off for your morning working, time to wake up but you just don’t want to. We all know this scenario pretty well. Some of us wake up and go for the workout anyway, some of us press snooze and think “tomorrow instead…” right? WRONG! Now, there are so many motivational quotes out […]

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5 Ways to Boost Energy & Conquer Your Day

So, as I was drinking a #3 I started thinking about all of the different ways I stay, or try to stay, energized. With so many work tasks, busy errands, workouts to do & more – how is it possible to have the energy to get shit done?? Well, for me it’s not that I […]

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