Sexy Fit with Zlata Sushchik

I recently had the amazing opportunity to be on the Sexy Fit Podcast with Zlata Sushchik a few weeks ago. I met her a few years back at Blog Fest at IDEA World (a humongous fitness convention for fitness professionals) and I was thrilled when she contacted me to be a guest. First of all, I love that she calls everyone “Sister”, because I am always calling all of my girls “sister” or “girlfriend”. So right away, I felt like she was speaking my language. Her story is incredibly inspiring and following her on her journey has been so interesting and entertaining (of course!).

You can listen to the full episode here or by clicking the image above! Perfect nutrition for your ears while working out, relaxing at home or commuting to work.

So who is Zlata Sushick? She’s a fitness competitor turned lifestyle entrepreneur, founder of the Sexy Fit Method (which I will talk about next) and Sexy Fit community. Plus, she’s down-right real, no-nonsense and pretty freakin’ hilarious if you ask me. Our episode was pretty serious, so not many jokes there. But if you listen to her other episodes, you’re for sure in for a laugh…or two, or three.

Additionally, I was fortunate enough to get a copy of her new book The Sexy Fit Method. This is 304 pages full of her heart, sweat and sexy all rolled into one. And the reason why I love her method and style of coaching so much is because, like me, she digs into mindset. Yes we could just start by doing push-ups and squat jumps and making protein pancakes…but what about the real internal work that has brought us to where we are in the first place?

My favorite part of the book, without giving too much away is when she writes, ” You and only you create your life, your experiences, and your transformation.” So many times I see people who want a quick-fix or a trainer to just do the work for them. They’re so quick to place blame on circumstances, individuals and the world in general instead of owning up to the HUGE part they have in creating their perspective and success. Something that is SO empowering can be so scary and self-sabotage becomes easier than owning up the ability you have to create the best reality possible.

Of course, you will find quick and effective workouts, delicious recipes to make healthy eating DELIGHTFUL, but be ready for LOTS of motivation and authenticity on her end that will hopefully move you to do the same.Get your copy of the Sexy Fit Method here and, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to the Sexy Fit Podcast and listen to our episode.

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