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Hiking at Attersee in AUSTRIA!

If I could describe Austria in one word, it would be- GREEN! There really isn’t anything like the rolling green hills. Everywhere you look you are reminded of life and growth. You can’t help but want to go hiking when you come to this amazing country. Hiking has always been a favorite activity of mine, […]

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5-ingredient HEALTHY Cookies

These HEALTHY cookies are low-calorie, extremely good for you, DELICIOUS and you only need between 2-5 ingredients to make them! I found this recipe a couple years ago and have been building on it ever since. 2-ingredient Cookies -2 RIPE bananas smashed -1 cup dry oatmeal Mash the bananas. Mix in the oatmeal. Make cookies […]

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6 Tips for Inner and Outer Beauty

I have made a list of 5 things that I do WITHOUT fail (99% of the time) in order to maintain inner and outer beauty… 1.¬†ALWAYS (always, always, always) eat breakfast: Eating breakfast gives me tons of energy and that extra boost to start my day. Breakfast increases my ability to concentrate at work and […]

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Circuit Training in 20 minutes OR LESS

Circuit training is a fun, time efficient and effective way to workout. Circuit training is when you perform one exercise after the next with minimal rest in between, until all exercises are performed. I always suggest you aim for 3-5 rounds of your circuit to get a complete and effective workout. You can perform a […]

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Tabata Training: 4-minute HIIT

Interval training is absolutely amazing because it is very time efficient and your body will continue to burn calories even after you are done working out because your body is not in that steady state.

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Welcome to LifeLikeLunden

Hey everyone! I am really excited to welcome you to my new website.

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